Suppliers lists

The following list gives some suggestions for suppliers of various components that you may require in building or rebuilding a 2CV race car. Costs given are approximate and may in reality be slightly higher or lower – always contact a supplier and confirm costs before proceeding.

* = optional


Component Supplier Approx. cost
Shells, cars eBay, 2CV City £500-
Roll cages Steve Walford, MNR Sportscars, Caged Laser £500-£700
Aluminium roof, pre-cut Repco Race Components £150
Race chassis SLC (01757 638 469), ECAS, 2CV City £450-£850
Club Camshaft Kent Cams, Newman Cams £50-£80
9:1 pistons and barrels ECAS, 2CV City £100-£180
Race exhaust Steve WalfordContact us, Pete Sparrow £250-£350
Weber carburettor* eBay, Fast Road Cars £100-£200
Belgian Arms + ‘turned’ arms Tower Citroen, Pete Sparrow, NES £250-£350
Race dampers AVO, ECAS, Protech, Gaz £275-£500
Race springs SpringCoil ltd £200-£350
Polycarbonate sheet for windows eBay, Plastics4Performance £70
MSA/FIA fire extinguisher Demon Tweeks, etc. £280
Seat + mounts Demon Tweeks, etc. £235
Harnesses Demon Tweeks, etc. £130
Air filter eBay, AutoSiliconHoses £20-£30
Misc electrical (gauges, wiring) eBay, ECAS £60
Tyres x 4 ECAS £130
Lightened flywheel* NES, Pete Sparrow, Tower Citroen £150
TOTAL £3,900-