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Probably the quickest way to get involved in 2CV racing is to hire a ready-to-go race car. Cars are available to hire throughout the year as their owners are busy with other things or sometimes sharing someone else’s car.

As a result, often there will be a car available as a ‘dry hire’ – that is, you hire the car – but you need to look after it, transport it to the circuit, put fuel in it, etc. while the owner is doing something else.

The opposite of a ‘dry hire’ is the fully crewed option, or ‘arrive and drive’. This is where you hire the car AND a team to run it for you, i.e. make sure it’s performing well, has fuel, correct tyre pressures, etc. and they’ll also transport it to and from the circuit – all you need do is turn up and race it.

A race car such as the one pictured can be hired for a race weekend for as little as £250! But the owner may insist upon a deposit against major damage, or race insurance.  For more information on what’s available right now, contact us using the form below.


There are normally a few race prepared cars up for sale. These can range in price from £1500 for a kit of parts that needs some work but is mostly complete, right up to a £7000 for a well prepared, current, good looking car with some pedigree. A decent car that’s in need of some tidying or updating can be had for £4000 – £6000.

The car shown on the right is a lovely example of a tidy car, good paint, and some really good results behind it. That’s around the £7000 mark.

Price will also depend on whether there are any spares with the car.

As the list of available cars is changing often, please get in touch with us below and enquire as to options, and we’ll get back to you. We won’t sell your email address or share it with anyone without your permission.

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