2022 championship points table

PosNameCadwell 1Cadwell 2Pembrey 1Pembrey 2Silverstone 1Silverstone 2Croft 1Croft 2SnettertonGrand Total
1David O’Keeffe8075105100702010083100733
2Nick Crispin9575809010080851000705
3Gary Adnitt10310007580909335100676
4Lien Davies709007580103757055618
5Andrew Bull355555605570706580545
6Luca Proietti7583035935065900491
7Sandro Proietti7580035905065900485
8Chris Yates556060453560355030430
9Julie Walford6565055300607540390
10Steve Walford6565055300607540390
11Nick Roads00758065800080380
12Martin Riman60307015400104575345
13Pete Sparrow00930604500108306
14Matthew Hollis5004530153005565290
15Mick Storey000685025406040283
16Glenn Oswin204530101040204050265
17Matthew Arrowsmith-Brown204530101040204050265
18Aubrey Brocklebank603070150010450230
19Simon Turner45050502555000225
20Nigel Hollis101025201035151565205
21Sebastian Jones-White40035045050350205
22Andi Donaldson25400060450025195
23Max Wyer153520401000070190
24Roy Eastwood15352040000070180
25Giles Owen10100020650070175
26George Broadhurst102040101015251035175
27Laurence Broadhurst102040101015251035175
28Shirley Hennessy101515101010302045165
29Ainslie Bousfield0065251000055155
30Katy Storey301010100045045150
31Lauren Storey301010105025000135
32Richard Hollis-Brown105000000065125
33Chris Hall10251001010102510110
34Matthew Cobb00000000100100
35Nicholas Home006525100000100
36Peter Rundle000000009090
Kris Tovey000000009090
Louis Tyson000000009090
39Ian Gibbon000000008080
Alec Graham000000008080
41James Northfield000000007575
Paul Rowland000000007575
43Jennifer Hall00100101010251075
44Ronald Mears000000007070
45Glenn Burtenshaw000000006565
46Neil Savage0000005510065
47Christine Savage0000005510065
48Nico Breaux000000006060
Valentin Breaux000000006060
Richard Plyer000000006060
Rowland Plyer000000006060
52John Widdowson1050000000060
53Simon Clarke000000005555
Tom Perry000000005555
55Martin Sunderland000000005050
Howard Wright000000005050
57Jessica Owen000000004545
Esther Quaintmere000000004545
59Oscar Proietti000045000045
60Marc Grasby000000004040
61Glen Finn000000003535
62Neal Graham000000003030
Pip Hammond000000003030
Darren Shepsman000000003030
65Colin Etchells000000002525
Darren Pauling000000002525
Ethan Sparrow000000002525
68Naughty Bear000000002020
James Bromley000000002020
Malcolm Edeson000000002020
Greg Page000000002020
72Paul Crosby000000001515
Fred Martin-Dye000000001515
Philip Martin-Dye000000001515
Dan Willan000000001515
76Francois Bouvet000000001010
Ghislain Brisset000000001010
Florentin Pancher000000001010
Guerard Romain000000001010
80Hélène Dallet000000001010
Virginie Gabriel000000001010
Manon Gauthier000000001010
Exaline Lizot000000001010
84David Bordron000000001010
Laurent Dallet000000001010
Jerome Foureix000000001010
Jérémy Harmand000000001010
88Don Hall000000001010
Jon Harmer000000001010
90Sam Gregory-Smith0000000000
Richard Hall0000000000
Craig Patrick0000000000
John-Paul Wilkinson0000000000
Point scoring system: Points will be awarded to competitors listed as classified finishers in the Final Results as follows:- 1st – 100, 2nd – 90, 3rd – 80, 4th – 75, 5th – 70, 6th – 65, 7th – 60, 8th – 55, 9th – 50, 10th – 45, 11th – 40, 12th – 35, 13th – 30, 14th – 25, 15th – 20, 16th – 15 and 10 points for all other finishers. In addition five points will be awarded to the driver setting the pole position time and three further points awarded to the driver setting the fastest race lap. Drivers who share a car at a meeting where driver changes are not permitted shall score the total of their own points and the points of the driver with whom they share the car, but only when the sharing driver is competing in the shared car.