Get involved – own car

Building from scratch:

If you have time, workshop facilities and a little know-how, then building a car from scratch is a great way of getting your own car. You can do things your way! Engineering solutions for race car problems is fun and rewarding, and can be very cost-effective.

For more information on what’s required to create a 2CV race car from scratch, click here
You can also find a list of suppliers here: click here


Completing a ‘project car’:

Every so often there are incomplete or damaged cars coming up for sale. Some of these are also older cars that haven’t raced for a few years and need ‘bringing up-to-date’ a little, for example to keep up with roll cage, seat or fire extinguisher regulation updates.

These cars can be acquired for well below their normal market value, and by making them race-ready you’d be increasing their worth.

The list of available cars is constantly changing, so get in touch with us and we’ll let you know what’s currently available: contact us