24hr – Getting Involved

The annual 24 hour race – held at Snetterton in Norfolk since 2003, with a short spell at Anglesey in North Wales between 2014-2016, and Mondello Park in Ireland from 1990-2002 – is the showcase event on the 2CV racing calendar. 2019 is the 29th running of the 24 hour race – a lot has changed in that time, but the ethos of the racing hasn’t!

2011’s race featured a new class for mostly unmodified cars and old race cars, called the ‘Economy Class’ – now called Classique class. 2012’s race featured Mini Grand cars for the first time, alongside the European competitors, making 4 classes in all.

Getting involved – racing driver:

Always wanted to do a 24 hour race? You’ve come to the right place. We have over 25 years of experience with 24 hour racing, and short of signing up to a Le Mans team, racing a 2CV is the best way to get that special signature on your racing licence.

We’ve had all sorts of people from all walks of life compete in the 24 hour race. Rich or poor, famous or infamous. A few of those are mentioned on our club history page.

Firstly, in order to race in any event in the UK, you’ll need a race licence. Click on this link for information on getting one.

Once you have a race licence, you’ll need to join a team or hire a car. The club runs a ‘matchmaking‘ service which aims to partner people wanting a drive, to teams with spare seats, or teams willing to hire cars out. Take a look in the 24hr forum for the matchmaking threads, or fill in the following form:

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    You don’t have to have any race experience to take part in the 24hr race – we usually get a few complete novices each year. Racing a 2CV takes a little practice, but with each driver getting usually between 6 and 8 hours of driving in, you’ll get the hang of it by the end! That’s more seat time in one race than most people manage in a season – perhaps more!

    You’ll need to fill in an application form, available here. Additionally, you’ll need to be a member of the Classic 2CV Racing Club, and the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC). You can sign up here and here.

    Getting involved – marshalling:

    Motorsport can’t function without marshals. Marshals provide invaluable assistance trackside and in the paddock, and race organisers are always on the lookout for more marshals. For more information on becoming a marshal, please see http://www.marshals.co.uk

    As those who have assisted in past years will testify, it is an extremely entertaining and enjoyable weekend! Do it once and you will be back next year for more!

    If you can assist, even for just a part of the event, you will be made most welcome and your assistance will be appreciated by both the competitors and the officials. You will certainly be well looked after throughout the weekend.

    Please contact the BARC Marshals Secretary on 01264 882210, or via email: [email protected]

    Media coverage:

    In 2009, the club enjoyed a successful live ‘webcast’, in which the commentary from the circuit was broadcast on the Internet, courtesy of Radio LeMans. There was also a live timing screen, live on-board footage from one of the cars, and a static camera mounted in the pitlane – all viewable via this website. In 2010 the coverage was improved, including professional production, more circuit cameras, and a roaming pitlane camera. The webcast also featured Twitter updates and emails to the commentators’ studio. We aim to improve upon the broadcast year on year.

    At the circuit: The club provides live commentary throughout the 24 hours of the race, on 87.7fm 24 Hour Race Radio – bring an FM radio with you to the circuit, and never be out of touch with what’s happening in the race!

    At home: You can follow the commentary with live video and race positions on the web. Go to www.2cvracing.org.uk.
    This webcast starts around 16.30 on Saturday, August 18th.


    The track:

    For more information about getting to Snetterton circuit, camping or hotel information, history of the circuit, tickets, and much more, go to the official website page: http://www.snetterton.co.uk/