The 2023 race calendar has now been released! The club have put together an exciting line up of circuits, supporting high profile racing, while also keeping costs low. Here are the race dates and details:

Date Venue Qualifying Race format
APR 15-16 Cadwell Park, Lincs 35 mins 2 x 15 min races
MAY 20-21 Pembrey, Wales 25 mins + 30 mins 2 x 15 mins sprint races + 90 minute enduro
JUL 08-09 Oulton Park, Cheshire 35 mins 2 x 15 min sprint races (possibly 1×15 and 1×20 minutes – TBC)
AUG 25-27 Snetterton, Norfolk 150 mins 24 hour race

Race/Qualifying format:

Qualifying sessions for longer tracks will be 35 minutes – there will be a period of 15 minutes to qualify for race 1, then a 5 minute break for everyone to come into the pits and change drivers if needed, then another 15 minutes qualifying for race 2. Total 35 minutes.

For the shorter tracks, qualifying will be a 10 minute period to qualify for race 1, then a 5 minute break in the pits, then another 10 minutes qualifying for race 2. Total 25 minutes.

Races will be 2 x 15 minute races per meeting, but at Pembrey there is an enduro race, expected to be 90 minutes (TBC). This will feature a separate 30 minute qualifying session to allow our friends, the Mini Grands, to take part. This is part of the championship this year.


The club operates a scheme called the ‘early-bird’ discount, under which an early entry secures a generous discount!

For the sprint races, the early-bird entry is set at £2150, but if 3 or 4 drivers are entered in the enduro, then £200-£400 of this cost can be saved!

For those who want to enter individual races, the price per meeting (2 races) will be £550, with the 90 minute enduro (+30 minute qualifying) costing £650.

Entry form for the season is here: <click here>. Entry forms for the separate enduro will be available later.